Talented Guitarist Performs 100 Classic and Modern Television Theme Songs in Chronological Order

An incredibly talented guitarist named Joe who works at Reverb played an amazing 100 classic and modern television theme songs in chronological order over the course of ten minutes. His instrument of choice was a gorgeous green Nash JM-63, except for a couple of times when he reached for an odd mandolin or ukulele without missing a beat.

Here at Reverb, we’re always looking back at the history of popular music to find inspiring sounds and melodies. In many cases, the most well-known and recognizable tunes come from a different medium altogether: TV. From nostalgia-rich classics played by the likes of Howard Roberts, to the contemporary favorites you skip over as you binge watch on Netflix, there’s no lack of infectious hooks to find in the annals of television. Take a look at the video above as local riff-master Joe takes a play from our pals at the Chicago Music Exchange and leads us on a journey through 100 TV theme songs.

via The Awesomer