Taco Bell Makes Fun of the Illuminati and the Eye of Providence Pyramid To Promote Their Dollar Menu

In a clever ad entitled “The Belluminati“, the fast food chain Taco Bell had a bit of fun with the mysterious legend of the Illuminati and the Taco Bell Dollar Menu, connecting the two via the Eye of Providence pyramid that appears on the back of the United States one dollar bill.

There’s a powerful connection between the dollar and Taco Bell because it unlocks a world of twenty decadent menu items from breakfast to late night for just a dollar each. Twenty items for a dollar, twenty steps on the pyramid. Who’s really behind this?

Country star Charlie Daniels was not amused by the ad, despite the fact that one of his very famous songs is about a boy in Georgia who makes a deal with the devil.

In a second “Belluminati” ad, Taco Bell notes the eerie similarity between the shape of their one dollar Stacker and that of the above-mentioned pyramid.