Expert Surfer Koa Smith Impressively Rides a Single Wave For an Incredible Two Minutes Straight

While competing upon famed beaches along the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, professional surfer Koa Smith impressively rode an amazing single eight barrel wave for an incredible two minutes and covered nearly a mile in distance without interruption.

Koa Smith on the best wave of the day at Skeleton bay, getting 8 barrels on 1 wave, traveling over 1.5km in distance and surfing the wave for 2 minutes!

Smith also captured this epic ride from his own point of view with a strategically attached GoPro camera.

GoPro View of Koa Smith 2 Minute Wave

My whole day surfing I try to InVision that one dream wave that I want to experience. I picture it clearly. What it will look like. How it will feel. The emotions pouring out of me when the wave is complete. Then this happen :)

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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