A Vocal Stray Cat With an Injured Foot Plaintively Meows For Help From a Compassionate Human

A scared and badly injured stray cat walked up to Anelida, the compassionate human belonging to Santi the angora cat and Walter the golden retriever. The vocal feline then let out a series of plaintive meows that indicated he was in a great deal of pain and needed help. Anelida acted immediately, taking the cat to the vet where he remained for a couple of nights. After some time inside and very attentive care, the cat couldn’t wait to go back outside but stuck close to his new home.

At first he couldn’t put any weight on his left rear leg. I cleansed the wound with antiseptics 3 times a day. He cleaned the wound with his tongue 30 times a day. Then he started to run. At the end of the five-day treatment, we went to the vet again. She said the wound looked fine and we stopped the antibiotics. The cat was ready to go outside because it was March and it was very difficult to keep him indoors so we let him out. Now he lives in our garden with other cats.

Anelida also posted an update about the cat after 40 days since their first meeting.

I shot this video on April 5th but forgot to upload it. As you can see, the cat was very busy chasing females in those days.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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