Why the Strawberry Squid Has Mismatched Eyes

Researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute captured absolutely fascinating 4K ROV footage of a Histioteuthis heteropsis (strawberry squid) in the Twighlight Zone of Monterey Bay

During a recent deep-sea dive, our team came across one of the most remarkable residents of the ocean’s twilight zone: the strawberry squid (Histioteuthis heteropsis).

The ROV Doc Ricketts was launched 725 meters (2,378 feet) deep into the canyon when it came across this vivid cephalopod with mismatched eyes. According to the Institute, this cockeyed set of peepers allows the squid to hunt for food within the darkness their natural habitat

The big left eye looks upward to spot shadows cast by prey in the dimly lit waters above. The eye’s tubular shape helps collect as much downwelling light as possible. Often, this eye has a yellow lens to see through the luminescent camouflage of its prey. The squid’s right eye is small and looks downward. This eye searches for flashes of bioluminescence produced by prey or predators lurking in the darker waters below.