40 Musicians Around the World Perform a Powerful Cover of ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’

Playing for Change partnered with the International Committee of the Red Cross to commemorate The International Day of the Disappeared on August 30, 2022, with a powerful cover of the U2 song “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” performed by 40 musicians from around the world.

This video features over 40 extraordinary musicians from 13 countries who played several instruments and combined their magnificent voices. …


Aghyad Al Shawaf- Writer of Arabic lyrics

Amaan Choir (with the soloists Hala Al-Sadder and Rebal Alkhodari)- Vocals

Andrea García- Strings Chris Pierce- Vocals

Daniel Lanois- Pedal Steel Guitar, Vocals

David Giosa- Trombone

François Causse- Drums

Glen David Andrews Band- Drum Ensemble

Inara George-Vocals

John Cruz- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Kátsica Mayoral- Percussion

Louis Mhlanga- Muted Guitar

Madjid Fahem- Acoustic Guitar

Marfa Kurakina- Bass

Michael Ruff- Keyboards

Olivia Ruff-Vocals

Paulo Heman- Surdu, Shaker

Prince Diabaté-Kora

Roberto Luti- Guitar

Rodrigo Cadena- Strings

Roopak Naigaonkar- Sarod

Roselyn Williams?-? Vocals

Sherieta Lewis- Vocals

Sosha Choir- Vocals

Tushar Lall- Harmonium

The song is meant to send a message of hope to those who are searching for their loved ones.

In the world, each day, dozens of people disappear for diverse causes related to armed conflicts, violence, natural disasters and on the migration route, among others. Some of their families have had no news of their missing loved ones for more than 20 years. Together, and through music, we would like to express our solidarity to those who are facing the profound and universal feeling of losing a loved one. The families of missing people will not stop searching, nor will we stop helping them.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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