Steve Martin Plays a Mean Banjo With a Bluegrass Band In an Amazing NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Steve Martin Banjo

Legendary polymath Steve Martin brought his banjo and with the band Steep Canyon Rangers performed an incredible set of bluegrass songs for the amazing music series NPR Tiny Desk Concerts. The set included the songs “So Familiar“, “All Night Long“, “On The Water” and “Caroline“, all from the aptly titled “The Long-Awaited Album“.

Martin’s set with The Steep Canyon Rangers at the Tiny Desk was at times thrilling, particularly his opening solo for the song “So Familiar.” But it was also playful, comical and a joy to witness. At the end of the typical three-song performance, the group graciously decided to do one more called “Caroline,” a hilarious, first-person account of how not to handle a breakup.

A couple of days after the performance, Martin appeared on The Late Show to promote the new album and engage in hilarious back and forth banter with host Stephen Colbert. Martin also talked about the opening of his Broadway play Meteor Shower, how he deals with his responsibilities and who he considers as his heroes.