Magnificent Stained Glass Squid and Jellyfish Lamps

Squid Lamps

We previously wrote about spectacular stained glass octopus chandeliers by artisan Parker Mason of Mason Creations in Portland, Oregon. Mason also created magnificent two-way mountable Squid Lights.

They measure about 24″ long from top of head to bottom of tentacles and the lighting in the tentacles and head turns on together. They can be either mounted on the wall as sconces, or you can easily remove the mounting fixtures and hang them from the ceiling

Squid Lamp

Squid Lamp Glass

Also in this collection of sea creature illuminations are beautiful hanging jellyfish lamps in different colors. These lamps are available individually or as a set of three.

Diameter of heads are about 14″ wide, removable tentacles about 17″ long, use standard recommended 25W flare bulbs.

Jellyfish Lamps

Jellyfish Lamps Set of 3

Mason has also completed work on another fantastic Octopus Chandelier.