Spoon Uses Camera Stabilizing Technology to Counteract Tremors Caused by Parkinson’s Disease

Lift Labs has designed a spoon that uses camera stabilizing technology to counteract the tremors caused by Parkinson’s Disease and allows those who suffer from such tremors to feed themselves more easily.

The Liftware system is designed for people whose hand tremor interferes with activities of daily living (ADLs). Typically, these hand tremors are caused by a medical condition such as Essential Tremor or Parkinson’s Disease. Sensors in the Liftware handle detect a person’s tremor, and the device responds using motors to move the spoon opposite the tremor. The spoon can discern motion from hand tremor from other types of motion, allowing it to respond to just the tremor while preserving the user’s intended motion. In contrast to braces, which force a user’s hand to be still and can cause patient discomfort, Liftware allows the patient’s hand to shake while stabilizing food in the spoon.

Donations toward the project can be made on the site. For every $295 that is raised, Lift Labs will send out a Liftware spoon to someone in need.

Spoon Technology

Thanks Jason Scott!