Simon’s Cat Becomes So Entranced by a Picture on the Bedroom Wall That He Refuses His Halloween Meal

Upon waking from a satisfying Halloween nap, a languid Simon’s Cat deliciously stretched the sleep out of his limbs while staring at a picture on the wall behind the bed. After he was fully awake, the relaxed kitty suddenly became pensive and suspicious all the while staring at that wall. Not even Simon himself could get his cat’s attention long enough to tempt him with food for the first time ever.

Simon’s Cat is seriously spooked by something in our Halloween Special!

Eventually, Simon’s cat relented, jumped off the bed and startled his concerned human. Before leaving the room, Simon double checked the picture on the wall and headed out the door. Neither man nor cat could have expected what happened next.

Simon's Cat Spooky Halloween

In a separate Halloween blog post, Simon Tofield talks about the odd phenomenon in which cats appear to see (and relentlessly stare ghosts). Toland cites a study stating that animals can sense ultraviolet light and sense pheromones that are undetectable by humans.

According to cats, dogs and other animals are likely to be able to see ultraviolet light. “Unlike humans, many animals see in ultraviolet, and a study now suggests that cats, dogs and other mammals can, too. Knowing these animals see things invisible to humans could shed some light on the animals’ behavior, the researchers say.”

One such example of this is demonstrated in a chilling series of tweets in 2017 from BuzzFeed writer Adam Ellis, who witnessed his two cats obsessively staring at the door.