Bike Engineers Split Rear Wheel of a Motorcycle in Half

Sean Kerr of Bikes and Beards and friends, inspired by engineer Sergii Gordieiev, who split the rear wheel of his bicycle to show how two halves make a whole, decided to do a similar experiment with two Honda CBR 250 motorcycles.

So I’ve learned that anything that you can do on a bicycle can be done on a motorcycle. …Then I saw this. Challenge accepted. …But if we can accomplish this, this will be the first two-wheel drive Honda CBR to exist ever on the planet. But later we actually might find out why no one’s ever done this before.

They specifically chose this bike due to the way it is built.

Step three is to extend the factory swing arm which happens to be made of steel which is one of the reasons why we picked this bike then take the wheel from the other CBR and put it on the back.

The experiment was somewhat successful, although the ride was very bumpy, and the rear wheels were losing rubber to the road.

I’m just riding a horse. So as I rode the bike I realized that I have finally bridged the gap between motorcycle and jackhammer…pretty quickly we realized that we were losing rubber chips so we pulled over to fix the problem.

Split Rear Wheel Motorcycle

They took the bike to a dealer and will follow up in a later video to see if it can become road ready.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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