Animated Tetris With Fuzzy Softbody Stacking Pieces

In his ongoing quest to create the perfect softbody game of Tetris, German computer animator Chris of C4D4U has released his 19th iteration of the game. Rather than the gummy shapes of his previous games, this version features very soft looking, fuzzy animated tiles that appear snuggly enough to hug. While Chris was not 100% happy with the results, he chose to share the video anyway.

This is my Softbody Tetris Version V19 with some mistakes. I still wanted to upload it so you can see what problems can arise when creating animations. It also looks kind of interesting anyway.

Soft Furry Tetris

Chris also shared his 24th iteration, which also featured the soft fuzzy tiles, though he stated that did have some issues with the animation.

This is my Softbody Tetris Version V24 with some little mistakes too. …Unfortunately, I keep having problems creating hair. A lot of people asked me if I would make other Flurry Tetris versions. It’s very time-consuming and complicated. In between a version failed. So I’m happy that this version has very few bugs. The main problem is the hair. I have already tried a lot of different settings (substeps/iteration) but the problem could not be solved.