Soaragami, A Portable Armrest Divider That Uses the Principles of Origami to Foster Cooperation Between Passengers


Patent-pending consumer travel product that ends all in-flight armrest battles.

Soarigami, a company whose mission is “to unfold savvier skies” has developed a the “Airmail Edition,” a novel portable armrest divider that uses the core principles of origami, the art of paper folding, to foster cooperation between fellow passengers by eliminating the need for the inevitable armrest battle.

Savvy travelers hate fighting for the armrest. However, they also hate carrying unnecessary clutter around. …Introducing the Soarigami Airmail Edition, our pilot concept. The Soarigami is a consumer product that attaches onto any armrest to extend the space and allow two people to comfortably share. The origami-inspired design makes the device thin and sleek, perfect for any savvy traveler’s carry-on. Made from plastic parts (not paper).

Soarigami “Airmail Edition” will be available for pre-order in early 2015.

Soarigami 2



Soarigami has also come up with their “Annoying Passenger Anthem” a very amusing, yet very accurate song that describes the woes of traveling by air.

Hello, booger eater you’re so gross
No one likes your selfie pose
Buddy, we all know that it was you
Please wait till you’re at home to poo

That’s why I don’t like to fly
More ways to cry
That’s why I don’t like to fly
Just wanna cry

Hello, smelly toes come out to play
Stinky pits are here to stay
Chatty Cathy wants to talk some more
Struggle in an armrest war

images via Soarigami

via CNN, Boing Boing

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