Beautiful Footage of Soap Bubbles Crystallizing on Top of a Levitating Electromagnet in Frigid Finland Weather

Pasi Rajamäki of Magnet Tricks took advantage of the frigid winter in Finland to capture the beautiful sight of soap bubbles crystallizing atop a levitating electromagnet. As ice formed on the surface, the bubbles began to spin, making the entire setup look like a rotating glass globe of the world.

This year we have had amazing winter weather, last year there basically was no snow or sub-zero temperatures where I live in South-Western Finland. First day of filming it was -14 C (6.8 F), 2 m/s wind, second day -20 C (4.0 F), 2 m/s wind

Ice Crystals Soap Bubbles Levitating Magnet

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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