Captain Lawrence Brewing Partners With Snyder’s of Hanover for Two Pretzel Themed Oktoberfest Beers

With the spirit of Oktoberfest in mind, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company (previously) in Westchester, New York has partnered with Snyder’s of Hanover in Pennsylvania to create the Snyderbier. For 2021, there are two offerings that incorporate pretzels, a traditional Pretzel Märzen, a full, malty, and slightly salty lager, and the refreshingly salty Pretzelfrücht, guava, passionfruit, enhanced Gosé. Both are made for the classic pairing of beer and pretzels.

Tap into the spirit of Oktoberfest season with SnyderBier! Sip and taste the flavor of slow-baked traditional German pretzels poured into every can…. For Oktoberfest we once again teamed up with Snyder’s of Hanover for 2 beers brewed with pretzels and specifically crafted to pair with pretzels. Pretzel Marzen & Pretzel Frucht 

These special pretzel brews can be purchased through Half Time Beverage and other retailers.

via Nerdist