Sniffer and Tinni, The Story of Friendship Between A Fox and A Dog

It may sound like a fairy tale, but Sniffer the red fox and Tinni the dog are the best of friends despite the overwhelming odds of becoming enemies due to what they are. Both animals live on the same property as photographer Torgeir Berge, who quickly noticed that foxes and dogs are more alike than not. This realization caused Torgeir to openly oppose and speak out against the Norwegian fox fur trade.

This video shows a dog and a wild fox who has been best friends for a long time and are enjoying what nature has to offer. Both are in need of freedom and joy. Foxes are, like other animals, dependent on the freedom to explore, live and play over large areas. Instead , they are born into a meaningless life in a cramped wire cages, with no opportunity to live a natural life. What excuse do we have for causing such great suffering of approximately one million animals each year, only for an unnecessary and pretentious product?

Torgeir has pledged that a good portion of the profits from his upcoming book about Sniffer and Tinni will go to his anti-fur campaign.

Sniffer and Tinni