Teenagers Hack Home Delivery Drones Leading to a Dangerous Breach of Contract in ‘Skywatch’

In “Skywatch”, the short but brilliant proof of concept film by Colin Levy (previously) that took six years to make, a pair of geeky friends played by Uriah Shelton (13 Reasons Why) and Zach Callison (The Goldbergs) have a bit of harmless fun hacking a home delivery drone service with items that customers may not have ordered, but probably need.

When the drone crashed, the boys noticed it was equipped with more nefarious looking hardware. When they accidentally launch the drone again, they find themselves under attack by other drones who very clearly explain that they are in breach of service. All seems desperate until Jude Law comes to the rescue.

In the near future, a pair of mischievous friends hack into the infrastructure of a drone delivery system. As they reroute orders zipping through the sky, they set off a chaotic series of events and soon find themselves on the run from forces they can barely see.

Skywatch Still


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