Brooklyn Artist Captures the Beating Heart of New York City in Gorgeous Sketches and Large-Scale Murals

Brooklyn artist Gavin Snider captures the beating heart within New York City with his incredible sketches and murals. Snider travels throughout the five boroughs to commemorate onto paper, the beauty he finds within niches and corners of the vast, beautiful place he now calls home.

Whether it’s the skyline view from his own neighborhood in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, an iconic building in Manhattan or the Henry Hudson Bridge connecting Spuyten Duyvil neighborhood of the Bronx to Manhattan, Snider draws the things he believes “are worth remembering”.

I grew up in Mulvane, KS, where I got my start drawing spaceships and aliens alongside my twin brother. I received my Bachelor of Architecture degree from University of Kansas. I’m currently based in Brooklyn, NY. You can find me exploring the city with a sketchbook in hand.

via Secret NYC

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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