Sir David Attenborough Talks About Being Charged by a Rhino While Matt Smith Recalls a Wasp Sting

While promoting Planet Earth II, Sir David Attenborough appeared on the Graham Norton Show along with actors Claire Foy and Matt Smith, both of the highly regarded Netflix series The Crown. During the show, Attenborough shared a story about being charged by a wild rhinoceros while riding in a Land Rover in Africa. Norton then turned to Smith and asked him to recall a distinctive wasp sting that happened at a most inopportune time.

Sorry to be crass…what happened was, she sort of mid thrust as it were …I was
stung I was stung on me goods. I sort of yelped out and she obviously thought it was incredible. I got up and started hopping around. The bloody wasp had stung me on the knackers.

Right afterwards, Sting joined the group and talked about the exquisite pain of being stung by a bee on the crown of his head.