An Amusing Cocktail Glass Featuring a Forlorn Ship That Appears to Sink With Each Sip of the Drink

Ship in a Glass Sink

Always one with a sense of humor, online retailer Firebox (previously) is selling a clever cocktail tumbler glass that features a sinking glass ship. The forlorn ship is submerged whenever liquid is poured into the glass. A particularly sloshy drink will make it look like a storm has been visited upon the poor sea vessel and a casual calming drink will provide smooth sailing. This glass also calls for some creative mixology depending on the desired scenario. Be careful, loose lips sink ships.

The Sinking Ship Glass is the perfect vessel to add a little drama to your drinks. You could pop in a couple of large ice cubes bergs and get some blood in the water with a gruesome splash of grenadine. Better yet, you could mix in a dark coffee liqueur and pretend there’s been a terrible (but exceedingly tasty) oil disaster.

Ship in a Glass Waves

Ship in a Glass

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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