Simon’s Cat Resorts to Frustratingly Clever Means In Order to Avoid Being Put Into His Carrier Crate

In “Box Clever“, the latest episode of Simon’s Cat, the stubborn feline resorts to clever and creative means in an effort to avoid being put into his carrier crate for his visit to the vet. This clip is just a small part of “Off to the Vet“, the larger film for which creator Simon Toland successfully raised funds through Indiegogo.

‘Box Clever’ is a film that Simon has wanted to make for a long time. During the development of the film’s story, the team thought the theme of a trip to the vets could be explored beyond the usual 1 to 2 minute YouTube films we make, and saw it as the perfect opportunity to tell a longer narrative – out of which the idea for our Indiegogo crowdfunded short film ‘Off to the Vet’ was born. ‘Box Clever’ features in ‘Off to the Vet’ as just a small part of the overall story. We decided to release ‘Box Clever’ in black and white as it works as a stand alone film, and a small teaser for non funders. : )”