Adorably Squishy Smiling Shiba Inu Marshmallows

Shiba Inu Marshmallows Plate

Japanese online novelty gift retailer Felissimo (previously) is featuring an adorable set of squishy, chocolate-filled marshmallows that are shaped and decorated with a Shiba Inu’s smiling face. The set comes as nine to a box and each marshmallow is individually wrapped for easy sharing.

(translated)Shiba Inu with a full smile appeared on popular Japanese style marshmallows! Because it is handmade one by one, it looks like some warmth. There is chocolate bean paste in it, and the taste is perfect! Float them in cocoa, put them on a cake – arranging is also fun

Shiba Inu Marshmallow

Shiba Inu Marshmallow Squeeze

Shiba Inu Marshmallow Individually Wrapped

Shiba Inu Marshmallow Set

Shiba Inu Marshmallow Side View

Shiba Inu Marshmallow Interior

via Grape Japan

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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