Several Highly Propagated Misconceptions About Cancer Debunked With Simple Logic

Hank Green of SciShow recently took a look at several, highly propagated myths about cancer and used simple logic and clear explanations to easily debunk each myth one at a time.

But antioxidants are still good for you, right? Might as well load up on them anyway–it can’t hurt. Actually, if you already have cancer, it might hurt. According to some studies, antioxidant supplements might actually speed up the progression of cancer. …The reason seems to be that antioxidants can’t tell the difference between healthy cells and cancer cells, and will do their jobs everywhere. That leads to stronger, healthier cancer cells, too. In fact, those researchers think antioxidants might even enhance a cell’s ability to travel around the body. Which, when it comes to cancer, is very, very bad — that’s how it spreads.