Car Window Puncher Performs ‘Seven Nation Army’

David Scott of The Kiffness joked about how the White Stripes song “Seven Nation Army” was written as he virtually collaborated with the road-raged Canadian man who repeatedly punched the window of Tyler Crawford‘s car after a parking incident. Scott’s resulting song, per usual, was quite catchy.

Take your angry heart & turn it into art

The incident took place in the parking lot of a Target store in Amherst, Ohio, in June 2023. Crawford stated that he wasn’t moving out of the way fast enough for the other vehicle.

We pulled into the same parking spot at Target as he was turning around with the truck and trailer…When I didn’t move fast enough, he threw something at my car. I stopped to look at him, and he pulled out and sideswiped my car. When I stopped because he sideswiped me with his truck and trailer, he got out of his car and started trying to punch out my window.

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