The Seven Most Evil Characters of ‘Breaking Bad’ Ranked and Categorized in Terms of Their Deadliness

As a follow up to the first half of their very insightful list of Breaking Bad characters rated in terms of overall wickedness, narrators Debra Minoff and Susannah McCullough of ScreenPrism move on to ranking the seven most evil characters, all of whom are extensions of Walter White in one way or another.

Included in this list are Mike Ehrmantraut (pragmatic evil), Lydia Rodarte-Quayle (desperate evil), Saul Goodman (opportunistic evil), Tuco Salamanca (embodiment of evil), Gus Fring (corporate evil), Hector Salamanca (evil code of honor) and Todd Alquist (sadistic evil).

in our last video we looked at seven supporting characters from ‘Breaking Bad’ and how they reflect different forms that bad behavior can take in the story of Walter White’s descent into evil. But people around him serve as mirrors of what Breaking Bad looks like, so in this video we’re looking at seven more Lost Souls who’ve strayed from the righteous path in even more serious ways.

Here’s the first part of the list.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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