Seth Rogen, Aziz Ansari, and Katherine Hahn Do a Table Read of the Iconic ‘Seinfeld’ Shrinkage Scene

During the Netflix Is A Joke Fest, actors Seth Rogen, Aziz Ansari, Kathryn Hahn, and Jack Black did a hilarious table read of the infamous “Shrinkage” scene from the Seinfeld episode called “The Hamptons”. For this particular scene, Rogen played the role of Jerry, Asari played the role of George, and Hahn played the role of Elaine.

Seth Rogen put together his dream cast for a table read of the iconic “shrinkage” episode of Seinfeld.

It was all done in good fun and for a good cause.

Proceeds from the event supported Hilarity for Charity

Here’s the original scene from Seinfeld

via Nerdist