A Cheeky Seagull Steals a Woman’s Lobster Roll From Her Hand as She Was Holding It Out for a Photo

I always dreamt of eating a lobster roll on the cost of Maine

As Alicia Jessop, a sports law professor at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, was leaving a conference in Vermont, she stopped in York Beach, Maine at Fox’s Lobster House for one of their famed lobster rolls. As she innocently held the sandwich aloft for a perfect picture to post on social media, a cheeky seagull skillfully swooped in and stole the delicious innards to share with his friends.

I stopped at the picturesque Nubble Light House and spotted a restaurant adjacent where I could order a lobster roll to-go. …A true Millennial, I realized I was in the midst of the perfect Instagram moment. So I pulled out my iPhone and maneuvered the lobster roll into perfect position. …As I hit the capture button on my iPhone, something rattled my hand and startled me. I saw my lobster flying out of the roll and identified the culprit: A quick, feisty, fearless seagull who not only encroached my space but so rapidly tossed the prized lobster meat out of the roll for his friends to chow down on that it was apparent he’d done this before.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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