Roller Skater Plots the Demise of Electric Scooters With the Help of a Robot Made of Scooter Parts

The short film “Scooty” by digital artist Peter France is about a disenfranchised roller skater in San Francisco named Jake, who blames life’s shortcomings on the ubiquity of electric scooters, and Scooty, a sentient robot made of scooter parts.

As they develop an unlikely friendship, Jake convinces Scooty to help him rid the world of electric scooters for good. When the plan goes sideways and puts Scooty is put into mortal danger, Jake realizes that perhaps it was he who was at fault for his unhappiness.

A man whose life has been ruined by electric scooters must learn to find his own humanity from that which he hates the most.

Here’s how the film was made.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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