The Science That Goes Into Making the Plant-Based Impossible Burger Taste Just Like Meat

We’re big fans of Impossible Foods and have previously posted a great deal about the Impossible Burger, specifically what’s in the burger, the premiere of the burger, a side-by-side taste test, where to find it, how to best prepare it at home, but have never really looked at the science behind this revolutionary 100% plant-based burger. Luckily, Wired went behind the scenes at the Redwood City, California headquarters in 2017 to get a closer look at how the meat behind the Impossible burger is actually made.

It’s called the Impossible Burger and it looks, feels, tastes and smells like ground beef, even though it’s made entirely of plants. It’s all thanks to science and genetically engineered yeast. …The story of the fake meat on a mission to change the world with one part soy plant, one part genetically engineered yeast—and one part activism. Ingredients include wheat protein, to give the burger that firmness and chew. And potato protein, which allows the burger to hold water and transition from a softer state to a more solid state during cooking.