What It’s Like Cooking the Meaty 100% Plant-Based Impossible Burger at Home

Scott and I have been fans of Impossible Foods since they first announced their 100% plant-based Impossible Burger back in 2016. Since that time, we’ve had the chance to enjoy these meaty vegetarian burgers at places such as Bareburger, White Castle and in the form of tacos from Taco Dumbo at Pennsy, but we’ve never had the opportunity to make them at home.

In early June, after seeing our posts about the Impossible Burger, Impossible Foods sent us a few sample patties to cook at home. The cooking process is easy; just heat up a small amount of oil, just enough to coat the pan, and cook the burger for two minutes on each side. Then add bun and toppings as desired. Et voilà – an Impossible Burger at home.

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The raw materials for this project, courtesy of Impossible Foods.

The Impossible Burger is currently only served in restaurants (here’s where you can find them), but they plan make it available to everyone eventually through retail stores.

In addition burgers, Impossible Foods also plans on making other plant-based meat and dairy products.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Impossible Foods offered to send us a sample and did not pay us to write this or even request that we do a blog post in exchange for the sample. We’re honestly just big fans of the Impossible Burger and were excited to try it out at home.