Bartender Prepares Three Versions of the Classic Sazerac Cocktail From Three Different Time Periods

Slovenian bartender Kevin Kos, who previously prepared and tasted three different versions of the classic Manhattan cocktail, applied a similar taste test to that of another classic cocktail, the Sazerac.

 Today we’re taking a look at the rich, but fuzzy history of the Sazerac. We’ll make three versions of this famous New Orleans cocktail that embodies the spirit of the Crescent City. One from 1843, before it was named Sazerac, one from the 1890s by the ex-manager of the Sazerac House, and a modern version, the way I enjoy this cocktail the most. 

The original version from 1843 calls for a one-wine glass of cognac, while the 1890 version calls for a jigger of rye. The modern version calls for both in a 1:3 ratio of cognac to rye.

…there’s the question of when and why did the recipe switch from brandy to rye? When was absinthe added and when did it go away? What about the Sazerac Company and the bottled Sazerac Cocktails…. There’s a lot to unpack with this one.