Shy Hobbled Donkey Turns Sassy After Rescue

Irvin, a sassy donkey living at Solstice Sanctuary in Salem, Wisconsin, enjoys chasing his humans and other animals around the farm. The chasing got to be so intense that his human bought him a giant ball that would keep him too busy to run after anyone else.

Irvin is really obsessed with my husband Bradley. It’s literally two kids playing. Irvin would chase him around the sanctuary…He has so much energy.  So we were like, here’s this giant ball. He was so excited to play with the ball. He was like a little kid. … And all of a sudden he’s on the ground and he’d get back up and he’d run off with the ball.

Irvin sassy donkey

When Irvin came to Solstice Sanctuary, he was painfully shy and could barely walk. He was rescued from a farm auction where he might have been killed.

Irvin is a young donkey. He was saved from the auction, where he would have likely ended up in a kill buyers hand if we did not save him. He has blossomed into a sassy boy, who always makes his opinion known!