The Sanity Attained in Recognizing the Insanity of Expecting Sanity in a Very Confusing World

In a seemingly gainsaying animated essay, the very insightful School of Life explains the concept of “Sane Insanity“. This term describes those parts of ourselves and traits in others that recognize the insanity of expecting sanity in this very troubled and confusing world.

In the circumstances, what we should aim for is not sanity, but a wise, knowledgeable and self-possessed relationship to our manifold insanities, or what we might term ‘sane insanity.’ The sane insane differ from the simply insane by virtue of the honest and accurate grasp they have on what is not entirely right with them. They may not be wholly balanced, but they don’t have the additional folly of insisting on their normalcy. …they simply realise the unreasonableness of expecting to be reasonable all the time.