A Man Named James T. Kirk Built a Replica of the USS Enterprise Bridge in His San Francisco Home

The real James T. Kirk of San Francisco, who turned his beloved home on 46th Avenue and Taraval Street in the Outer Sunset into a replica of the USS Enterprise bridge, is now fighting to purchase The Starship House from his mother’s estate.

In addition to the Star Trek theme, Kirk also built a miniature golf course, an Egyptian collection, a Rebel Base, a tiki hut, and a giant ping pong table. More importantly, Kirk has opened his home to anyone in the community who needs it in an effort to preserve the magic of San Francisco.

If anyone ever wants to stop by and see his little wonderland, just drop by! He really does welcome everyone.

Port Commissioner Jason Hodge is currently raising money through GoFundMe in order to help Kirk with his court battle.

He’s currently in probate court, trying to keep his house. If you can throw a few bucks his way, it would mean a lot, and help preserve a little piece of San Francisco Magic.

Starship House USS Enterprise Replica

Thanks Michael Lyons!