A Vocal Samoyed Appeals to the Humans of the United States to Act More Like Dogs and Get Along

A rather well spoken Samoyed named Coconut Rice Bear (Coco) who lives in San Francisco, California, took to her Instagram pulpit to vent her frustrations about the way the humans of the United States have been treating one another as of late. The beautiful dog spoke right into the camera and let loose about why she feels that people should act less like humans and more like dogs.

I have a lot on my mind about what’s going on in America that I need to vent! Do you understand what I’m saying?!? Let me translate… You humans need to be more like us pups. We love everyone of all different colors, shapes, sizes and fluffiness. Get to know each other, recognize, accept and celebrate our differences, but most importantly, spread love, not hate.

Coco showed how easy it was to make new friends while swimming near Lake Tahoe.