The United States Postal Service Issues a Forever Stamp in Honor of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RBG Stamp Envelope

The United States Postal Service released a beautiful “Forever” stamp that pays tribute to the late great Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The stamp was based on an iconic photograph taken by portrait photographer Philip Bermingham in at her Supreme Court office in 2017. USPS Art Director Ethel Kessler commissioned artist Michael Deas to turn the photograph into an oil painting that would be used for the commemorative stamp dedicated to Ginsburg’s profound work towards making equal justice a reality.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg served as the 107th Supreme Court Justice of the United States. She began her career as an activist lawyer fighting gender discrimination. She went on to become a judge who was unafraid to disagree with her colleagues. Ginsburg gained a reputation as a respected voice for equal justice.

The stamp was released on October 2, 2023. Other items in the collection include commemorative notecards, a digital postmark, a first day of issue cover, and a stamp portfolio.

RBG Stamp

RBG Stamp Notecards

Bermingham was honored by the selection.

My portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg was used for a FOREVER postage stamp by The United States Postal Service The photograph was taken at her chambers at the Supreme Court