Russian Gun Enthusiast Performs ‘Hymn of Joy’ and Other Songs With a Rhythmic Barrage of Bullets

Clad in a tuxedo, Vitaly Kruchin, a Russian gun enthusiast and president of the United Federation of Russian Shooting performed truly rousing renditions of the “Hymn of Joy“, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and the Russian criminal’s chanson “Murka” with a rhythmic barrage of bullets from a variety of guns fired onto sheets of metal. Calling it his Metalloon, Kruchin made the instrument by hanging pieces of sheet metal of varying weights, widths and sizes, which provide a range of different sounds when a bullet strikes. Accompanying Kruchin was the “Shooting Star Band”, made up of violin, keyboards and guitar.

Vitaly Kryuchin and “Shooting Star Band” gun music. Hip shooting

via Digg, Neatorama