An Inventive Automated Synthesizer That Plucks a Metal Ruler to Generate Variations of Sound

Transdisciplinary artist Dmitry Morozov has created RBS-20(cm), an inventive Arduino powered synthesizer that plucks a metal ruler to generate pitch variations of sound. These variations are driven by a motor that sends the ruler up and down a slide. Keys on the front can also be used to change the pitch.

The instrument can be classified as an automated plucked contrabass monochord. Changing the pitch is done by quickly changing how far the ruler is extended relative to the nut. …The instrument is equipped with 12 touch keys, each of which can be reassigned to a specific length of the ruler. A small OLED display is used to select modes, tune notes, and indicate processes and states.

RBS 20 Ruler Synth Keys

RBS 20 Ruler Synth Lean

RBS 20 Ruler Synth Side

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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