Robotic Spy Iguana Dives For Food With Real Iguanas

In a humorous clip from the David Tennant-narrated BBC/PBS series Spy in the Ocean, a robotic spy iguana built by John Downer Productions was sunning on a rock in the Caribbean when the other iguanas decided to go for a swim.

Being that the spy was there to see what happens when humans are not looking, it joined the mess as they dove towards the bottom for food. The spy pretended to take a few bites and then made its way back up, as the cold water could cause it to malfunction.

Marine iguanas huddle together on the volcanic rocks to bask in the morning sun. Spy Iguana joins them as they leap into the ocean to search for food beneath the waves.

Robotic Iguana Dives for Food
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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