RoboGames 2007, A Massive 3 Day Robot Competition

RoboGames 2006

RoboGames 2006

RoboGames, the world’s largest open robot competition, is back with three full days of robot action taking place June 15-17 in the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Advance tickets are currently on sale and there’s a really good chance it will sell out this year. Here are my photos from last year’s RoboGames 2006.

Over 500 robots from 30 countries will be competing in the greatest show on earth! You’ll jump as 340 pound Combat robots smash into each other! Be amazed by androids that can wrestle, play soccer or do somersaults; intelligent robots that can drive themselves around; and Art Robots that move and even some that make cocktails.

Don’t wait to see it on TV – See it up close where you can smell the burnt metal and watch the broken dreams! Join us on the Bay at historic Fort Mason. Three days of spectacular robot competitions, great food, cold beer, a V-8 powered, flame-throwing margarita mixer and 50,000 square feet of excitement.

We’ve got 61 different events this year, more than half are autonomous! We’ve packed just about every possible robot into the 50,000 square feet of Ft. Mason’s beautiful Festival Pavilion.

RoboGames 2007 is looking for some volunteers. If you are a geek willing to work for a t-shirt, they could use help with combat robots, the artificial intelligent humanoids and soccer bots. They are also in need of laptop/computer donations:

We can use any computer so long as it has an OS, a browser, USB port, and a network card. They’re only used for event management, which is all web-based, so RAM/CPU/OS are pretty irrelevant. I’d prefer old laptops (they can be ancient), just for weight and size. Also, we could use any router/hub donations. And if anyone has a kick-ass server, we could use one too.

If you want to volunteer or can help with computer donations, please contact RoboGames directly.

Check out Geek Entertainment TV’s video coverage of RoboGames 2006.

photo credit: Scott Beale

UPDATE: Here are my photos and video of RoboGames 2007.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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