Rob Delaney Reads a Clever Letter From Lawyer Pliny the Younger to a Friend Who Stood Him Up

Actor Rob Delaney read aloud a deliciously clever letter from Pliny the Younger, an early Roman attorney, to his friend Septicius Clarus. The lawyer was rather upset that his friend had stood him up and proceeded to list what was owed after a night of food, wine, and entertainment went ignored. After the list of debts, Pliny the Younger then let his friend know what a good time he was missing.

You can dine at many houses in better style than at mine, but nowhere will you have a better time, or such a simple and free and easy entertainment. In short, give me a trial, and if afterwards you do not prefer to excuse yourself to others rather than to me, why then I give you leave to decline my invitations always. 

Delany gave this wonderful performance at the 10th anniversary of Letters Live.

Rob Delaney joined us at the 10th anniversary Letters Live show at London’s Royal Albert Hall to read Pliny’s letter.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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