River Song Reunites With Her Husband in the Upcoming ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special 2015

River Song, the beloved and complicated wife of the popular Gallifreyan, reunites with her spouse in the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special entitled “The Husbands of River Song“. The special premieres on BBC at 5:15 PM on Christmas Day (December 25) 2015.

It’s Christmas Day on a remote human colony and the Doctor is hiding from Christmas Carols and Comedy Antlers. But when a crashed spaceship calls upon the Doctor for help, he finds himself recruited into River Song’s squad and hurled into a fast and frantic chase across the galaxy. King Hydroflax (Greg Davies) is furious, and his giant Robot bodyguard is out-of-control and coming for them all! Will Nardole (Matt Lucas) survive? And when will River Song work out who the Doctor is?


image via BBC