Retractable Silicone Animal Face Safety Mittens That Can Help You Avoid Directly Touching Things

Monkey Door

Los Angeles photographer Dewey Tann, whose side project consists of “making some fun pandemic safety gear”, has created the CovMitt-19, an adorable line of retractable silicone mitts that can be easily attached to a belt loop or purse to provide much-needed hand protection while shopping, opening doors, handling packages or just taking hot stuff out of the oven. These mitts come in various animal shapes and colors – a blue dog, a brown monkey, a gray mouse, and a pink pig.

Keep your HANDS CLEAN when opening UNKNOWN UNSANITARY Doors, Knobs, Drawers and even those nasty pin pads at the register!! Keep yourself as VIRUS/GERM/COOTIES-free as possible! Mitten is made of Silicon, easy to clean/wash, dishwasher safe, and even can be used as oven mitts. These Puppet Mittens can help lighten up the mood, keep things fun, but still serious.

The mitts can be ordered through The Dew Drops Etsy store.





via Sad and Useless

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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