Rescuers Teach Doggie Sign Language to a Deaf Dachshund Puppy to Help Him Find a New Home

An absolutely adorable 10-month old deaf dachshund puppy named Bob who was returned to the Mayhew Center in London, England because he was “no longer wanted”, has become a star student in the art of doggy sign language. Working closely with a trainer, Bob is learning to focus his puppy energy and respond to visual cues through the use of treats. Bob also has some coordination and balance problems, but his loving personality will win him new fans and hopefully a new home with people who understand his incredible uniqueness.

Meet Bob. Sadly this gorgeous little Dachshund puppy is deaf, and to help him find his forever home we’ve been teaching him doggy sign language – and here he is showing off his skills! Our Dog Adoption and Kennels teams were determined to give Bob the best chance and went the extra mile to teach him how to communicate with people using sign language. He’s quickly picked up lots of commands like sit, stay, down, come and few tricks too by body language, hand signals and reading faces. Bob is such a comical and enthusiastic little sausage pup, who compensates for his lack of hearing with his huge personality. And as soon as he went up for adoption this week, Bob was reserved in no time and will be off to his loving home shortly! We’ll keep you updated with his paw-gress

via Edith the Dachshund

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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