Rescued Wild Sparrow Refuses to Leave the Compassionate People Who Saved Her

Geobeats Animals (previously) spoke with the compassionate young couple in Koper, Slovenia who rescued a baby wild sparrow named Chiba who had been found alone on the ground without a family to look after her. The couple took in the baby bird despite not knowing what they were doing.

We had no idea how to do it, what to do, what not to do but the information is out there and all you need is a big heart.

As the Chiba thrived in their care, a bond was formed between the humans and the bird. When it came time to set her free, the couple was surprised that she came right back to them after a short flight, refusing to leave them. Now Chiba lives a charmed life. She now has the freedom to fly wherever she wants and a nice safe home to live in when she wants to stay put.

When a wild bird comes back to you, does not want to leave and decides to be your friend forever… It’s hard to explain the bond that arises between you and the bird. Chibi can fly perfectly fine but she adapted to living inside. …She could be riding on your shoulder and then all of a sudden back she flies up into a tree…Chibi is always free to go in and out as she pleases we really try to provide as much freedom on every step of her life.