A Pair of Laundry-Loving Rescued Prairie Dogs Live Their Best Life

An adorable pair of rescued prairie dogs named Pablo and Pedro live a very good life despite having a rough beginning. Someone adopted this adorable duo as pets, but they were soon surrendered after the person realized how much work it would be. Luckily, they were adopted into a loving home where they have the full run of the house.

Pablo and Pedro started off in the wrong hands. Their former owners got them as pets and didn’t know how to care for them. As a result, the duo who got used to living with humans had to be rehomed. They ended up in a loving family, who helped them open up and live a content life.

Their current human Sarah explained that Pedro and Pablo love sleeping in laundry baskets, love company, and are not afraid to ask for what they want.

They yahoo all the time. It’s a sign of greeting. It’s not enough to just be laying next to you they have to be on you. We call them the productivity suckers …They like to burrow that’s what they do in their natural habitat so we would keep finding them in the laundry baskets and then they would be sleeping there. They are so sweet. They won’t leave you alone.

She also talked about how she was able to acclimate the prairie dogs to domesticity, as they can’t be released into the wild.

We found out putting their cage right in the middle of where the action is in your house is really helpful. So they were constantly hearing on our voices and then they started coming around. …They’re a lot of work and they’re not for everybody, but we signed up for it and they’re one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

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