Rescued Kitten Found With Matted Dirty Fur Grows Up Into a Majestically Beautiful Long-Haired Cat


A gorgeous long-haired cat named Sir Silas has come a long way since being found on the side of the road, near death, with his beautiful white fur all matted and dirty and his beautiful blue eyes completely bloodshot and crusty. Since that time, Silas has grown into a majestic cat, with tons of glorious, fluffy fur that makes him look like he’s twice the size he is. In a recent post on Instagram, Silas made himself absolutely clear that he is well-fed, very loved and that he doesn’t know his breed nor care.

So a few responses for those that are so concerned:
1. I am not abused by my humans by being overly fed (so no need to call animal control)…I weigh only 15lbs. (90% fur and the rest pure awesomeness) if you are remotely familiar with long-haired, large breeds…6 inches of fur is very deceiving.
2. I am not diabetic, but very healthy and only fed the highest quality, grain free food.
3. No, my humans are not fat or lazy and trying to make me that way as well.
4. I have no way of knowing my breed since I wasn’t found on the side of the road with registered papers attached to me…I have been told by Ragdoll breeders that I am

Before After

Fluffy Boy

Luxurious Cat


Spilt Milk

photos via Sir Silas Kitty

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Silas’ story is very familiar to us at Laughing Squid. Our very own Ika Zaru is also a rescue cat. We found her in our backyard in 2000, abandoned by her feral mother and very close to death. Her fur was matted and she had all sorts of very serious ailments. And just like Silas, Ika grew up to be a healthy, majestically gorgeous long-haired cat who has been a very important part of our lives for the past 15 years.

Ika Zaru Before
Ika Before

photo by Scott Beale

Ika Zaru
Ika After

photo by Scott Beale

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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