Nine Year Old Chihuahua Rescued From a Puppy Mill Enjoys a Comfy Bed For the Very First Time

The wonderfully compassionate people at National Mill Rescue shared a simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming video of a teeny tiny nine year old chihuahua with an oversized tongue named Freddie. Despite having been rescued from the horrible conditions of a puppy mill, Freddie still was able to maintain a really sweet disposition which came out in full force when his caretaker gave him a soft, comfy bed – something he never had before. At first, Freddie was unsure what it was, the caretaker picked him up and as soon as she put him in the bed, the excited little dog didn’t ever want to get out.

A tiny 9-year-old Chihuahua never had a soft bed of his own. He does now! Just watch as this adorable boy experiences one of the comforts of freedom for the first time!

Shortly after this was filmed, Freddie found a loving home where he can spend his senior years in comfort.

UPDATE: Freddie has found his forever home!

National Mill Rescue relies on donations to help dogs like Freddie find a home. donations can be made in a variety of ways as explained on their site.