Rescued Baby Beaver Builds Festive Indoor Dam Out of Toys and Christmas Decorations

A rescued baby beaver living at Woodside Wildlife Rescue in Mississippi adorably built a very festive indoor dam using toys and Christmas decorations from around the house. According to her human, Dr. Holley Muraco, this beaver and others live outside but come in for enrichment activities.

Beavers need to spend 2 years with their human rehabbers. They need to have lots of opportunities to practice instinctive behaviors. This beaver enjoys playing this game inside the house but lives with the other orphaned beavers outside most of the time.

The beaver was picked up as an orphan after her parents were killed. Unfortunately, beavers are considered pest animals around the United States, so being raised at Woodside gives them the best chance. Once they reach two years old, they can be released into the wild.

This beaver is being raised by wildlife rehabbers after being orphaned as a newborn. Her parents were killed and their dam and lodge destroyed. Beavers are classified as nuisance animals in many US states and can be killed anytime.

In the Meantime, They Do Some Very Cute Things

Dr. Muraco Explained the Rescue Process in More Detail

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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