50 People From 50 Different States Demonstrate Their Regional Accents

The 50 people from the 50 different states who have previously shared their regional slang, their word for fizzy soft drinks and the worst thing about their state for the Cond√© Nast Traveler series Culturally Speaking, very amusingly demonstrated their own regionally accents for the cameras. While many readily acknowledged the particular verbal peculiarities of their region, others simply believed that they didn’t have any specific type of accent whatsoever.

People say that us Marylanders have accents, but I don’t think we have an accent. Idaho doesn’t have a really distinct accent. There’s no accent in Indiana. This might be very biased I don’t think we (in Nevada), I really don’t think we have an accent. …I mean I think this (Alaska) is normal. it’s a perfect neutral Pacific Northwest tone.